In our FREE e-Book, “7 Strategies For Getting Massive Repeat Business”, we have taken our years of experience as business consultants and combined our own hard-won knowledge and research to compile these seven innovative strategies to help any entrepreneur. This will change the way you view your business and the way you view your competitors. Stay ahead of the curve by reading and implementing these simple strategies today!


Multi-Media Marketing!

Multi-Media Marketing: We leverage the latest technology to automate your business. Email, SMS text, faxes, letters, voice broadcasts, and even video. With this type of marketing on your side, you will really AMP up your revenues and guarantee that you reach your customers, the way they want to be reached!


The Latest In Email Marketing!

The Latest In Email Marketing: We have a 99% to-inbox deliverability rate on our email marketing, with open rates over 40%! We use techniques that will revolutionize open rates, and click through rates on our links embedded in the emails. State of the art tracking with actions tied behind each click! Tripwire marketing is the only way to email market. We react based on how your clients or prospects react to your emails.

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SMS Texting!

SMS Texting Has Arrived: Did you know that 85% of the entire population in the United States are actively texting on mobile phones? We have the latest technology when it comes to text marketing. Leverage this ability from stage if you are a speaker, automatically send a digital business card to someone you just met by having them text you, eliminate paper order forms by allowing people to text orders in and automatically charge cards and fulfill the order with a text!

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Integrated Shopping Cart!

Integrated Shopping Cart: Allows your marketing to talk to your shopping cart. No more sending discount coupons to people who just paid full price. Eliminate the manual step to track and fulfill orders. With AutoMarketing Pros in place, you can get back to being an entrepreneur and cut down on employee tasks and cost!

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Recurring Revenue Is The Goal!

Recurring Revenue Is The Goal: Automatically have people paying you though your AutoMarketing Pros membership site. Not only get the monthly recurring fees to be a member, but automatically upsell your client base your core products! Cross sell and upsell through our effective membership selling programs and one click upsell capabilities. We bet with you, with our revenue sharing model. Get more while developing a closer, more trusting relationship with your followers, automatically!

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Integrated Affiliate Marketing!

Integrated Affiliate Marketing Program: Grow your business through this must have piece of the puzzle. Affiliates will promote and push your services and products and you pay them on the back end once a deal is closed. With a custom created affiliate back end, they have easy access to marketing resources, links, banners, emails, etc. The best part is, we manage it for you and automatically track your affiliate sales and commissions. All you have to do is cut a check!


Real-Time Analytics: With AutoMarketing Pros, your decision-driven marketing becomes as agile as your Member Site! Your website comes with its own self-contained, real-time Analytics Suite on YOUR server! You’ll own and control your metrics and analytics data. You’ll also be giving your site’s end users a big performance boost by eliminating all those remote HTTP calls to that other web-based analytics service you’ve been using! The data is ALWAYS real-time, unlike other web-based analytics services that only update once per day.