Partnerships = Success

Tonight I want to talk about relationships. Actually, partnerships, not just relationships. How important is a partnership? How do we know who to partner with? And what would that mean to our business? These are just few of the many many questions that an entrepreneur faces when that is brought up. What usually follows is the entrepreneur thinking, “Wait! I don’t want to give up a portion of my business! No Way!” That is exactly the problem and the barrier holding entrepreneurs back. As a business owner you are faced with a million decisions. It is your dream, your vision, and the bottom line is… it’s your business. Here is my take on partnerships: Stop holding yourself back from success that you never thought could be obtainable, and open your minds to true possibilities that are limited only by your closed mindedness. Here is the brutal reality of the situation, you cannot do everything on your own or by yourself. You have to put together the right team, the right partners to explode. By trying to manage every little thing in the business and your life, you will fail. And if you don’t fail, you will never reach your true potential. Why do you think we have built our company around a partnership? With a partnership you are getting a vested person that will do whatever it takes to make sure you succeed because when you do, they do. Let me ask you a question, is it better to have an employee or a partner? Think about it. Take your time. Was your answer to have an employee? The funny thing is most people say employee because they get greedy. Greed is a huge proponent in the failure or limitation of a business. They think they can save some bucks by just paying an employee as opposed to giving up a portion of their business. Unbelievable. Look, understand that there is a massive difference in the two. One is a person who drags themselves to work everyday and does “X”. A partner is someone who has a real interest in the growth and reputation of a company. If you can revenue share and bring on a person who believes in what you are doing to the point that they want to be invested, do it. Not only will you get a more dedicated, driven person to help you achieve success, you typically get a higher quality of person and a certain skill set that an employee will be less likely to give 110% of. Do you see the difference? You should. The top business advisors in the world all speak about having the right team, a team of the correct partners can take a business a lot farther than you can imagine. Partner with people who posses the skills and knowledge that you are lacking, this will make you the master of a business, not just a jack of many trades and a master of none. It will enable your business to flourish, all the while you will be able to spend your time on things that you are the expert of. Get back to being an entrepreneur! 🙂