One Voice, One Vision

Hey everyone! I hope this blog post finds you well. I wanted to touch today on a fundamental tip that most entrepreneurs overlook. I call this post, “One voice, one vision” because I want to talk about personal branding. Personal branding is crucial and probably one of the most important things that your company possesses. With that being the case, PROTECT IT! We deal with clients all day long that have very successful businesses and have been in business a long time, all the while they have no idea what their personal branding is. This is what sets your company apart from every other business that does the same thing as you do. Here is another tip when working on your personal branding, keep it consistent. What does that mean? I mean to keep your colors, logo, and pictures consistent with your branding. Get involved into social media and maintain consistency. Use your logos, pictures, and colors on Facebook, Twitter, and don’t forget about Linked In. Go even as far as applying it to your YouTube Channel. Use it on your email communications as well, what will this do? It will give your customers and prospects a calming feeling, and spark memories of doing business with you. It’s like going to McDonald’s, you never see Blue arches right? They know that when people see the golden arches, people feel at ease, knowing exactly what they are going to get, what experience they are going to have. You don’t want to have a red site, a blue one, and your social media has a green backdrop. People will feel confused and will actually stray away from this. Doing this simple thing will help ease people’s minds and will actually grow your company easily, and quickly. Go on and try it, you will be amazed. Well, I am going to go enjoy my day off. I hope you all enjoy it as well. See you on Tuesday!