Native Americans Are Genius!

OK, I know a lot of you are saying, “WHAT!?” When you read my title of this blog, but seriously! They are genius! Why? They developed a perfect balance in everything that they did, and do. Yesterday we spoke a bit about Organizational Skills and how important it is to have the right team in place to follow through with your brilliant ideas as an entrepreneur. Well I reference Native Americans in this post because I love the balance they have. They have balance in work, life, the way they worship and pray, they way they eat and hunt, their shelters, and even the way they delegate work and chores. They have perfect Organizational Skills. Everyone contributes and participates, and they start at a very young age! I love this and how it applies to business and in everything we do… Or at least it should. 🙂

With the right team in place in your company, you are the chief and delegate to others the tasks that you need accomplished, this way everything gets done. Here is another thought on the team that you need and the importance of it… Think back to the way Native Americans lived back in the day. They used Tee Pees. A perfectly balanced shelter covered by leather. This is a great way to envision your team and employees. Think if I took a huge log and tried to lean it on two little sticks to create a Tee Pee. What would happen? It would not stand right? It would fall over as soon as I let go. Unfortunately, this is how a lot of entrepreneurs operate. They rely too heavily on one team member, or don’t have a team member at all to lean on and they fall over. Sound like you? Well, if you have the right team backing you, you will be able to lean on them equally and create perfect balance to accomplish anything you need in your business, and the same is true in love and life. You must maintain balance and equality. Take this one step further and apply this principle to your clients. If you are leaning too heavily on clients, then you will fall over as well. Remember, the right team is crucial, and delegation is everything. Bill Walsh, the world-renowned CEO of Powerteam International and WIN University, extremely successful Business Coach and Business Venture Capitalist said to me one day, “If you want to be a Millionaire, they make $584 per hour, so if you can delegate something and get it done for less than $500 per hour, do it!”
See you all tomorrow…