8 Steps To An Automated Internet Marketing MACHINE!

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STEP 1: Create Your Personal And Project Profiles!

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STEP 2: Make Sure To Schedule Your Initial Project Consult With AMP!

STEP 3: After Your Initial Project Consult With AMP, Create Your Basecamp Profile And Watch The Brief How-To Video (yes, we can tell if you watched it or not!)

IMPORTANT: Your website development will officially begin once ALL of your copy, images, videos, and other project items are uploaded to your Basecamp account.

STEP 4: Sit Back And Let AMP Rock Your World By Building Your Automated Website!

STEP 5: Review Your New Website And Let Us Know What You Think!

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STEP 6: Final Revisions Based On Your Feedback!

STEP 7: Your Final Thumbs-Up… Houston, We Are ‘GO’ For LAUNCH!

STEP 8: Makes Lots Of Money, And Go On Vacation!!