I Am Shocked!

Wow, we would like to welcome Rich Bernstein and Dr. John Gray with Mars Venus Coaching to the AutoMarketing Pros family! We just spent a few days in Las Vegas with Rich and Scott, their marketing guru, and had a great time kicking off this project. While we were there, Rich told me a statistic that blew my mind. I was shocked! He said, “Nate, did you know that 78% of people fired think that they were doing a great job!?” I thought about that for a second… Really think on that. Think about what I just said, 78% of people let go from their jobs think they are doing a great job! The thing that amazes me the most about that comment was how and the heck can business owners and employees be that far off from one another? That blows my mind. If an employee thinks they are doing a good job and the business owner thinks that they are not, there is definitely a communication problem, but I think there is a key fundamental error in that communication breakdown. The wrong expectation was set, or there was no expectation set at all. One thing I have learned in love, life, and in business is that you get what you expect out of these things. If you get home and expect a fight, guess what? You are going to get a fight. If you expect to have a great day at work, you will have a great day at work. You not only need to expect things, that is only one part of the equation. The other part is you must communicate this expectation that you have. This is exactly why employees are being let go for problems that they didn’t know existed. If the expectation was set properly upfront, then the employee would know in detail what is expected of them, and you as the business owner would no longer be let down. Establish the proper expectations in everything you do, communicate them, and write them out. This way there is no confusion and no let downs, only successes. Here is to getting back to being an entrepreneur! Enjoy!