Entrepreneurship 101

Hi all, I know it has been a week or more since I have had two seconds to breath, let alone find the time to update you all on my blog. For that I am sorry. However, I have been traveling, promoting, helping entrepreneurs, and growing our business beyond our expectations. We have met some VERY iconic people and people I have looked up to for a long time. We have been in more cities in the past few months than I have ever been through out my basketball career. All good things though. Thank you for your patience. I recently was in Chicago for an incredible event called WIN University. Tickets to this event were $20,000 and to be honest, they could have been $100,000 and it would have been worth every penny. At this event I was fortunate enough to listen to the great Brad Fallon, founder and CEO of Stompernet, Shellie Hunt, Mark Kaplan, Roger Salam, and others. We dove deep into the minds of entrepreneurs, exposing key issues, helping them to achieve the highest level of success possible. If you ever get a chance to attend one of the events put on by Powerteam International, DO IT! Amazing. I really connected with all the speakers, but one in particular helped me realize exactly why we started AutoMarketing Pros. Her name is Shellie Hunt. She is a powerhouse of a woman who is beyond intelligent. She has worked with the top people in every industry, such as Oprah, Donald Trump, Bob Proctor, and many others. She spoke about being an entrepreneur and the basic fundamentals of being one. I refer to this as Entrepreneurship 101. 🙂 She literally broke down the basics that so many, in fact almost all entrepreneurs overlook. She spoke on the need to organize your days, have a clear focus, and how to reach mastery in your business. I ask you all to think about your businesses, think about your life, think about why you became an entrepreneur. Then ask your self if you have reached mastery in these things. I ask you all the question that Shellie asked us, “Do you even know when you hit mastery?” “Do you even know what that means?” I had to ponder these questions, we all did. I can say, no to both. I thought I knew what mastery meant. I was way off. We all were. Shellie enlightened us to the definition of the word and the true meaning of it. She said, “Mastery is when you can walk away from your business and it can run and outlive you, that is when you have reached mastery.” Now I ask you to rethink the earlier questions I asked you. Have you reached mastery in your business? Can you walk away and the business operates, and will continue to grow with out your presence? If something happened to you, GOD forbid that to happen, would you be able to leave your family with a company that will sustain the income and provide for them? Most entrepreneurs will answer the question, no. You see, your net worth is directly related to your self worth. Do you own a job, or a company? Why did you start your business? Entrepreneurship is about empowering, liberating, and freeing yourself from the chains of Corporate America. Entrepreneurship can be the most fulfilling, amazing thing in the world, allowing yourself to have more free time, more money, and be able to help so many people. However, it also can be the thing that binds you and holds you down from achieving these incredible things. And the funny thing is, these things are the main reason why we became entrepreneurs in the first place! There is a hefty price to pay to reach mastery in entrepreneurship, it does not come easy. If it were easy, than everyone would do it. Entrepreneurship is difficult, trying, stressful, and can break you, or it can make you. You have to be willing to risk everything on your dreams and business. You must be willing to travel the road that almost every person on the planet has passed by. My friend and client Les Brown, the world’s greatest and most powerful speaker, said to me once, “Nate, if you do what is easy in your life than your life will be hard, but if you do what is hard in your life than your life will be easy!” WOW, this is so true. Well said Les, and thank you for the inspiration to be better at everything in my life. And Shellie, thank you for opening my mind to the greatness that is within me. I have said it before and I will say it again… GET BACK TO BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR! See you next time! Peace.