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Get Your Mind Right!

I felt a strong need to write about software today. No, not another piece of "shelf-help" or something that you need to buy. This is software that every single one of you already own. No need to run out and buy something, or go to some squeeze page to opt in for some stupid spam or anything. This is something that every person on the planet already has, already uses daily, and already has it set up. But the problem is that most of us have it set up incorrectly. Our software has bugs in it and more Keep Reading

Live Like You’re Dyin’

I know it has been a little while since my last blog entry, and for that I am sorry... however, I have been livin' like I was dyin'. Literally. As many of you know, I have some heart issues that I have been dealing with over the past several months, I have undergone several surgeries and hard times. Well, they thought they had it fixed, but they don't. Not yet at least. They told me that I would need another surgery this month. So, I have been maximizing my focus on AutoMarketing Pros, our clients, Keep Reading

Investing The Right Way

As you all know we at AutoMarketing Pros are constantly on the go. We travel all over the country speaking to thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners and working with some of the world's top minds. Recently we were in Chicago for some important meetings. We met with Kevin Harrington from the hit TV show "Shark Tank". Looks like we are going to do some business with them! Very exciting. We also met with Perry Marshall, Scott Rewick, Ross Goldberg, Austin Walsh, and Travis Robinson. We have Keep Reading

Building An Effective Community

I have spoken on this subject a few times, and I have recently been traveling and doing events again. AutoMarketing Pros is doing some very cool things, and doing business with some of the world's best. We are very blessed. While speaking and training at these events, and through our social media platforms, we have been asked a few questions about the subject of building a strong community. And as I have stated in the past many times... it is all about relationships. You have heard, read, and seen Keep Reading

The NEW Way To Market

I recently have spent some time with some VERY impressive people in marketing, not just in the Internet Marketing realm. Does the name Frank Kern ring a bell? How about Micah Mitchell? Emerson Brantley? These names should mean something to you, as they are some of the best marketers around. They are all singing a new song and dance when it comes to marketing. Frank Kern has become one of the world's top Internet Marketers through his powerful JV launches and Affiliate product launches. Micah Mitchell Keep Reading

A GREAT Start To A GREAT Year!

Wow, AutoMarketing Pros is off to the races! Our clients are seeing massive gains in revenue, our membership sites are signing up people like crazy (in some cases as many as 1100 people per day!), and our marketing plan for 2011 is an incredible one to say the least. We were recently in Las Vegas where we met with Bill Walsh (Partner, venture capitalist, business coach, CEO and Founder of Powerteam International), Larry Benet (CEO and Co-Founder of SANG) and Marshall Sylver (CEO and Founder of Get Keep Reading

New Year, New Direction

Well, I know it has been a while. Wow, almost a full month! And man oh man was it a crazy one at that! I have been in and out of hospitals this past few months experiencing some pretty hefty health problems. As I have stated in the past on this blog, I have a serious heart condition. I have had two surgeries, a Pacemaker implant, and countless tests and issues. Not fun, but through all of this, I have had the best support from family, friends, loved ones, and partners. I have said it in the past, Keep Reading

Start a Business Online, and Make More Money!!

I see new business after new business starting online, especially now given the economic state. It can be a new business, or even an existing business that is being taken online for the first time. People are jumping on the online bandwagon now more than ever. The problem is, so many are starting and then closing due to the lack of funds. So how do some of these people do it? Why can't you? We all hear so many stories of different people starting these businesses online and making serious Keep Reading

12 Most Common SEO Mistakes

SEO, what does it mean? How do I do it? Am I doing it right? These are just a few of the countless questions that are tied behind one of the world's most spoken about acronyms. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is tough. Here are some tips on just what not to overlook and some tips on how to negotiate the pitfalls, from SEO expert Mark Nunney.   1. Missing the big picture Most SEO advice is given for a single page, word or technique. But if a site is to be responsible for a profitable Keep Reading

Who to Surround Yourself With

I hope you all had an amazing holiday and are getting ready for Christmas or whatever else you all celebrate this time of year. I know we did. I know you have all heard me speak many times on the importance of surrounding yourselves with the right people to be successful in business, and as an entrepreneur, but I also feel just as strongly about the importance of surrounding yourselves with the right people outside of work. I wanted to touch on this because I have been having trouble again with my Keep Reading